4 Bay Area Trampoline Parks

Socks from other trampoline parks will not be accepted. They also have an 80-foot dodgeball court, Air Jam Basketball, small air” with a tramp slide for younger jumpers, and a park with platforms. Altitude Trampoline Park's equipment is fully manufactured in the USA with safety in mind. Each jumper pays $15 for two hours of jumping during the fundraiser.

The space offers wall-to-wall trampolines with basketball hoops attached, a dodgeball pit with neon dodgeballs, a massive network of simple bounce pads plus trampolines with foam pits that kids can jump into. Choose from general park access, kids zone access, and workout classes.

Socks are forbidden at some trampoline parks and required at others. Make sure your child has a waiver if you are dropping him or her off at a birthday party. Billed as the "world's first indoor trampoline park," Sky Zone is one of those places that's not only fun but really good for you.

It's packed with lots of things to do with kids and the family, it takes the rush of getting airborne and combines it with a variety of games and challenges. Safety is an important issue at trampoline parks. Kids Gym Berkeley - Indoor sensory-friendly, inclusive playspace with two standalone trampolines.

Trampoline jumping is a fun workout. We see this all the time, parents staring into the middle distance as they take their shoes off, psyching themselves up for an hour of…jumping. Big Air also has a snack bar on site so you can fuel up after burning off all those calories jumping around and getting banged up on the ninja course.

1. Jumping on a trampoline for 15 minutes will make you more tired than you expect or want to acknowledge. The person that lands a split second earlier will pull the jumping pad down with their weight. Amped Thailand also provides convenient Family packages that are inclusive of a one-hour jump session for one adult (20 years and above) and two children (under 20 years) as well as one free jump ticket if you want to bring a guest.

The kids love playing a ton of different fun trampoline games with it. If you come too late you can only use the rest of your booked jumping time slot. We had to move a birthday party kids playing at the last minute due to a rain-out at a park pavilion. Although I do have to say, during our time in Amped, we might as well have been considered as kids as we were jumping from one trampoline to the next.

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