How To Repair Old MTB Forks (In 20 Mins)

We offer a complete line of suspension services, including repairing, rebuilding, and revalving of shock absorbers, front forks, and steering dampers of all major manufacturers of motorcycle and car suspension. Once again, be extremely careful when releasing the pressure on these springs. While on the alignment rack and doing the alignment, you remove the front upper strut nut (holding the upper strut plate to the body), then take a hammer and pound the stud out of that plate.

After the nut is on fully, slowly remove the jack and torque both ball joints to specs and install the cotter keys. Turn the plain bushing up until hex is just clear of control arm, then install and tighten clamp bolts. Mercury Cougar Air suspension replacement kits like air springs, compressors, dryers, and solenoids are available so purists can keep their air suspension riding as smooth as the day they bought their vehicle.

This allows you to safely remove the spring bolt nut, then de-compress the spring easily. With all the angles created by the suspension traveling over the bumps and wheels steering to and fro, the axle must be as flexible as a gymnast while spinning like a whirling dervish.

Before you remove this bolt and nut, place your jack stand underneath the lower control arm and crank it up until you see the spring begin to slowly compress. There are also "heavy-duty" shocks and struts with larger diameter pistons that increase resistance for greater control.

Whether it's one or two, replacing struts typically requires suspension disassembly and wheel realignment, meaning that it is a job best left to the professionals. Under that gob of undercoating, is another 15mm hex bolt, which screws into the end of the strut rod, clamping the bushings into the strut rod.

Shock Rebuild - includes disassembly, complete cleaning, polish shock shaft, inspect, measure service limits of parts, bleed with new shock suspension fluid and set nitrogen pressure. Before measuring front spring trim dimension, bounce front end of car up and down several times to make sure there is no bind in front suspension and to let springs take a natural position.

How your vehicle handles road conditions depends on your car's suspension system. If this type of problem is found, it may be a good time to sell the customer an upgrade to variable-rate springs. On a car having service miles the front springs are considered too high or too low when the trim dimension shown at A” in figure 6-19 is not within the following limits, with car at curb weight.

For tight space applications, we've got the Gear Wrench Ball Joint Separator that's only 12 inches in length, and we've got the larger Lisle Stepped Suspension Disassembly Ball Joint Separator with graduated "stairs" built in to the fork tongs which prevent the fork from bouncing back during use.

Here at Strutmasters we are The Suspension Experts®”, but you don't have to take our word for it. With backing from popular names like Lou Santiago from MuscleCar on Spike TV and Sam Memmolo from Shade Tree Mechanics and Two Guys Garage, you can be assured that our Mercury Cougar suspension parts are everything we guarantee them to be.

If all you were after was to replace the shock absorber, you can skip most of the steps above, just jack up the A-arm and remove the shock absorber. Move shock absorber arm through complete travel while filling to remove any air trapped in closed end. I need to install new ball joint boots, steering link boots, and spindle bushings.

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